Jack (Imp king) of gnomergan is a half gnome, half demon warlock who was born to life and death. His parents sent him to the land azzeroth when he was only 7 months old. On his way to Azzeroth, Jack's ship was destroyed and he crashed on draenor. unaware of who the boy was the local draeni took him in as one of their own. He was raised as a priest and showed exceptional skill in his holy power. When he was 14 he was attacked by a burning legion scout and killed him. On the scouts body he found a demonic tome, which he read. after he had read the tome he had fallen into the hands of the legion. After killing his village and he joined the legion. after 3 weeks of being in the legion he became the imp king. As the imp king he knew the difference in strength between him and the dark titan. in 2 years Jack managed to convince every Imp and more to fight against the titan. He won easy. After he took them to the his home where he built a fortress and called it outland. The world he lived in would then become outland when the legion came. Running from the legion and scattering his forces he ran to different worlds. After god knows how long he discovered what he really was. A singularity, Something so strong it is the universe itself. After becomeing a legend and vanishing he apeared on earth under the name Jack of gnomergan. He grew up in NY and lived there since. He is the editer of the oscar award winning show The Real House Wives of Bio and is one of the most paid on the team.

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